The New Rebrand is Here! March 04, 2016


If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably noticed that things look and feel a bit different around here. No, we didn’t go crazy…well, maybe a little. We went through a major overall. We rebranded. The choice to rebrand was simple. We wanted to update our space to create a place where our favorite peeps (you!) could connect to their favorite products. And we wanted to do it in a fresh, modern, and playful way.

Though we were in love with our old look (it was called ‘Married in May Designs’ after all), we wanted to evolve our brand with you in mind. We’ve received great feedback over the years and knew the time was right for this big overhaul.

I’ll admit that rebranding was the scariest, but most rewarding thing I’ve ever decided to do as a shop owner. Why? Because ‘Married in May Designs’ was already working and running smoothly…and, may I add, successfully too. But, it’s not about me and what I want my business to look like, it’s about you! Just like our products, shouldn’t we keep your likes/needs in the forefront from beginning to end??? So why should branding be any different.


Besides the look, the biggest change was renaming our lovely little shop. What was once ‘Married in May Designs’ is now ‘Paper Berry Press’ (doesn’t it roll off the tongue well)! The name fits our brand perfectly since, from the beginning, our business stems from our love of paper and design. It’s also what our customers love and crave from us.

So…this rebrand is our gift to you! We’re beyond ecstatic to serve you with the same great service and support, now with an updated look and new name. Enjoy!


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